Cách kiểm tra số điện thoại có phải bổ sung ảnh chụp chân dung Viettel, Vina, Mobi

The default of 49/2017 / ND-CP is being given, the mobile should be add a snapshot image. However is not a total phone must be supply footer image. Please see the post below to check your phone number in your personal information list or not for the network devices Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobiphone.

Check check check to need to load image capture for the network of Viettel

The number of the number of the phone must be an existing image snapshot Viettel, Vina, Mobi

For the tightly of use of use for use, drop down state mua overflow over the simbage, The given  of the default of 49/2017 / NĐ-CP  request for the host must have a full enough information about the paper page, special is the image image .
Theo đó, from the 24/4/2018, all the phone numbers must provide full full personal information information include their name and name, CMND, date, and level… and the root footer image thuê bao. The following subscription does not update the full information after this day will be locked the 1 hour and after 15 days if the still update, will be locked 2 pm.
Before this information, many people dumped the network of the network of the network to update information. Updating information as their name, CMND, date, and level… is required. However do update the image snapshot, take a month will be updated update, no take up packages will not be update.
For checking you have an upgrade the portrait image for your phone number or do not follow the following steps for this network 3 Viettel, VinaPhone, Mobifone for check.
After when access on the page on page, you in your phone numbers, capcha code (if there) and click Tra Cứu to tra cứu information. If return results is: Rent never does not in the list to update the information for the 49/2017 / NĐ-CP, xin chúc mừng, bạn sẽ không update footer image.
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